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ALPhA Regions

There are 18 regions in ALPhA whose purpose is to connect ALPhA members locally. A good person to contact at ALPhA is your local Regional Director. There is a region for the different continents (6 Regions), an east and a west region in Canada (2 Regions), and regions in the United States based on the APS sections (10 Regions). For more information see our Information on Regions.

Advanced Lab Listserv

The Advanced Labs Listserv, advlabs-l, is a discussion and announcement forum for topics relevant to physics laboratories beyond the first year. Go to the Advanced Labs Listserv Sign up form now, provide your email address, and click subscribe. You will then begin receiving posts to the Listserv in your email inbox.

If you would like to view the topics that have been discussed on the Advanced Labs Listserv, then you can click on this link to the Advanced Lab Listserv Archives.

AAPT Resources

AAPT Recommendations:

In addition, the AAPT Advanced Labs Website is a central, comprehensive information base for instructors who teach and design upper-level undergraduate laboratories. Resources include lab writeups, software, conference proceedings, and the Laboratory Immersions LabWiki.

The AAPT Committee on Laboratories website has the committee reports and contains information on committee members.

BFY Conference

The BFY (Beyond First Year) Lab Conference is the national meeting of ALPhA. For more information see our Meetings page.

The BFY conference has had conference proceedings since 2015. The BFY proceedings are located on Compadre.

Online/Hybrid/Remote Lab Resources

During the pandemic in 2020, the ALPhA community came together to share resources for teaching online, hybrid, or remote laboratories. Discussions are here at our Fall 2020 Lab Resources page.

ALPhA Powerpoint Slides

Below is an archive of ALPhA-related Powerpoint slides. If you have slides to add to the archive, then please email

  • ALPhA in one slide - This is one slide that tells what ALPhA is and what we do. We use this slide in the New Faculty Workshop put on by AAPT. You should feel free to add this slide to any presentations you may be giving to help spread the word about ALPhA.

  • ALPhA in multiple slides - Are you interested in giving a longer presentation about ALPhA at your AAPT or APS sectional meeting or other meeting? If you want a longer version than just the one slide, this slide show may be useful for 5-15 minute talks. Slide show is an edited version from one Toni Sauncy (Texas Lutheran University) gave at the 2018 Texas APS sectional meeting.

  • History of BFY - These are slides that were given by Ernie Behringer during the 2018 BFY III Conference at Loyola. In the slides, Ernie details the evolution of the BFY conference, as first a meeting by the AAPT Committee on Laboratories (BFY0) to its incarnation in 2018 (BFY3).

Historical Documents

  • AAPT President Harvey Leff’s 2007 commentary about the Advanced Physics Laboratory from A-Z.

  • Jonathan Reichert’s 2006 American Journal of Physics guest editorial, What Happened to the Advanced Lab? Click here for more details.

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