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Virtual Immersion

Quantum Computing with IBM Quantum

Dates:   August 8, 2023  to  August 10, 2023

Number of setups available: N/A

Maximum number of participants: 8


This immersion introduces qubits, quantum gates, quantum circuits, and quantum algorithms. All experiments will be performed by remotely accessing IBM quantum processors—for free! We will design and analyze circuits to implement quantum dense coding, quantum adders, Grover’s search algorithm, quantum Fourier transforms, quantum phase estimation (eigenvalue determination), Shor’s factoring algorithm, tests of Bell inequalities, and other quantum calculations of spin correlations.  Participants will learn the theory needed to design all of these quantum circuits, as well as the practical skills to run the circuits via IBM Quantum. 


In September 2021, Physics Today reported, “At a conference in February funded by NSF, educators across academia and industry reflected on the urgent need for bachelor’s degree programs, courses, and curricular materials for quantum information science and engineering.”  This Immersion is an effort towards addressing that urgent need. 

Mentors:   Jed Brody

Jed Brody is an associate teaching professor of physics at Emory University.  He is the author of Quantum Entanglement (MIT Press, 2020). This book is a direct outgrowth of the ALPhA Immersion he attended at Colgate University and of the Reichert Foundation grant that enabled him to purchase the quantum-entanglement apparatus.

Please note that the Jonathan F. Reichert Foundation has established a grant program to help purchase apparatus used in Laboratory Immersions. Limitations and exclusions apply, but generally speaking the Foundation may support up to 50% of the cost of the required equipment.

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