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Regional Director Archive

Past Regional Directors:

Thank you to all of our past Regional Directors! A good person to contact is your local Regional Director. Regional Directors can answer questions, get you involved in ALPhA, and tell you when a local ALPhA meeting will be happening in your area. Here are a list of past Regional Directors.

New England
Ed Deveney (Bridgewater State) 2020-2023
Timothy Roach (Holy Cross) 2018-2020
Ashley Carter (Amherst College) 2016-2018

New York
Catherine Herne (SUNY New Paltz) 2020-
Merideth Frey (Sarah Lawrence) 2019-2020

Declan Mulhall (Scranton) 2019-

Anne Cox (Eckerd) 2019-2023

Eastern Great Lakes (Formerly Ohio)
Ernie Behringer (Eastern Michigan) 2019-

Mark Chantell (U Chicago) 2019-

Toni Sauncy (Texas Lutheran) 2019-

Four Corners
Nathan Powers (Brigham Young) 2019-

Far West
Ann Hanks (Pasco) 2019-

Mark Beck (Reed) 2021-
Dimitri Dounas-Frazer (Western Washington) 2019-2021

Canada East
Robert Knobel (Queens University) 2019-

Canada West
Barbara Frisken (Simon Fraser University) 2019-

Yongkang Le (Fudan) 2019-

Ian Bearden (Niels Bohr Institute) 2019-

South America
Karen Fonseca Romero (National University of Colombia) 2019-

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