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Kimball Oscilloscope Giveaway

Free Tektronix Analog CRT Oscilloscopes & Plug-ins!

Application for Kimball Oscilloscope Giveaway

ALPhA has partnered with the MIT Physics Department and Kimball Physics to distribute 11 Tektronix, 7000-series, analog CRT oscilloscopes to physics departments around the country. These scopes are used, have been tested, and they have worked.

The 7000 series oscilloscopes were produced from about 1970 to 1995. While there were various mainframes, the 7000 Series plug-ins worked interchangeably with almost all of the them. Go to to view some of these scopes.

We will provide a series 7000 scope (7603, 7704, 7854, or 7904) with two vertical amp plug-ins and two time based plug-ins. These scopes span the range of 100-500 MHz capabilities, depending upon the specific mainframe and plug-ins. Kimball Physics will pay for the shipping to you.

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